AGW Spotlight on First Nations Development Institute

1% of the total revenue from Brendan Constantine: No Word For This will support First Nations Development Institute.

Through the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, First Nations is supporting Native nations and Native-led organizations as they respond to and recover from COVID-19. This includes support for frontline or other essential services, along with long-term strategies to weather the pandemic.

The following areas are identified as critical issues to be addressed by the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund:

  • Pandemic Response and Recovery. This is the ability to access and distribute supplies needed for healthcare testing, vaccines, and educational resources to mitigate the effects of COVID-19.
  • Critical Services and Infrastructure. These are services and solutions for economic security, cultural and physical/mental wellbeing, public health and safety, and education of Native youth.
  • Communications and Technology. This is for equipment (e.g., laptops, headsets, internet, communications, technology) that allows members of Native communities to work, learn, and access services remotely.
  • Financial Bridge. This is support to help tribes, Native non-profits and community organizations stay resilient throughout the economic crisis and remain operational.

Find out more about First Nations Development Institute and why Brendan has chosen to spotlight this organization here:

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