Brendan Constantine: No Word For This

Four live workshops led by Brendan Constantine, author of four books of poetry, starting on August 3. Includes a private course group and access to the Awful Good Writers campus. 

Course includes:

  • Weekly 90-minute live writing sessions, shares, and discourses led by Brendan.
  • Q&A with Brendan to review each session.
  • An opportunity for writing and performance coaching and feedback.
  • Private discussion group for questions, sharing, and feedback with fellow participants during the week.

1% of the total revenue from this course will go to First Nations Development Institute. Find out more about First Nations Development Institute and why Brendan has chosen to spotlight this organization here:

Course details:

• Tuesdays
• August 3, August 10, August 17, August 24
• 6:00 PM PST


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Reconsider the origins of speech

Because language is constantly evolving, so too are its highest arts. Brendan Constantine presents ‘No Word for This,’ a workshop for poets, designed to stimulate creativity by reconsidering the origins of speech, how different cultures create new words, the long tradition of words invented by poets, and the mysteries of how language is processed in the brain.

Since 2017, Constantine has been working with speech pathologists and clinicians to develop poetry classes for people with Aphasia and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The results are compelling and call for a total reappraisal of this art form. “It’s the most useful I have ever felt as an artist.”

This is the first time he will incorporate these insights for a wider audience. “I promise you will see your own work differently, and probably discover a few obstacles you didn’t know were in your way.” Writers of all backgrounds and experience are welcome. Sufferers of Writer’s Block strongly encouraged.

Expect to walk away with:

  • Enhanced understanding of linguistic anthropology
  • Experience with cultural anomalies in language
  • Heightened sensitivity to what ‘works’ in your own writing
  • Increased confidence and freedom to invent

About the Instructor

Brendan Constantine was born in Los Angeles, the second child of actors Michael Constantine and Julianna McCarthy. An ardent supporter of Southern California’s poetry communities and one of its most recognized poets, he has served as a teacher of poetry in local schools and colleges since 1995.

He is the author of four popular collections of poetry and his work can be found in many of the nation’s standards, including Poetry, Best American Poetry, Tin House, Virginia Quarterly, and Poem-A-Day. His most recent collections are ‘Dementia, My Darling’ (2016) from Red Hen Press and ‘Bouncy Bounce’ (2018), a limited edition from Blue Horse Press.

He has received support and commissions from the Getty Museum, James Irvine Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. A popular performer, Brendan has presented his work to audiences throughout the U.S. and Europe, also appearing on NPR’s All Things Considered, TED ED, numerous podcasts, and YouTube.

In addition, he brings poetry workshops to veterans, hospitals, foster care centers, & shelters for the homeless. He is also very proud of his work with the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project. Since 2017, he has been working with speech pathologist Michael Biel to develop the first poetry workshop for people dealing with Aphasia.

Brendan holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.