About Awful Good Writers

Awful Good Writers is a digital writing-centric creative community exploring the point of connection in everything.

Rooted in poetry, Awful Good Writers provides participants with an intimate entry-point to a wide network of writers through interactive deep-dive learning sessions facilitated by their favorite wordsmiths from around the world. We support daring expressions of living, social equity, and inclusivity, celebrating arts and culture, music, and community.

Awful Good Writers encourages participants to improve their own lived experiences through writing.

Vulnerability is what made every movie, sang every song, and wrote every poem that ever plugged a life back into itself.

—Buddy Wakefield, founder of Awful Good Writers

In the summer of 2020, Awful Good Writers hosted the Heavy Hitters Festival, composed of more than 40 of the most beloved spoken word artists on the planet to offer something life-giving in a time of quarantine. Twice a week for three months, the best of the poetry community took to the Heavy Hitters virtual stage, giving intimate performances, leading insightful workshops, and charging the hearts of the participants in some called the Coachella of spoken word.

In the fall of 2020, Awful Good Writers is debuted Awful Good Writing Workshops, a series of online writing courses taught by a selection of Heavy Hitters and the greater performance poetry community.

Awful Good Writers is:

  • Buddy Wakefield: Founder; Talent Coordinator
  • Jon Berardi: Advisor
  • Erin Gurley: Communications Coordinator
  • Taylor Bush: Social Media Relations
  • Frankie Sanchez (Sylvia!): Ads & Graphics
  • Kerredyn Collaborative: Program Management