Pages Matam: The Shape of Shadows

Four live workshops led by Pages Matam, dubbed “the motion-picture poet.” Includes a private course group and access to the Awful Good Writers campus. 

Course includes:

  • Weekly 90-minute live writing sessions, shares, and discourses led by Pages.
  • Q&A with Pages to review each session.
  • An opportunity for writing and performance coaching and feedback.
  • Private discussion group for questions, sharing, and feedback with fellow participants during the week.

Course details:




Body, light, surface, shadow

The Shape of Shadows is a four-part series of creative writing and development workshops taught by Pages Matam (They/He) with prompts, lessons, and guest talks, all aimed at equipping participants with tools and resources to take their poems beyond just poetry by cultivating new ways to honor them.

This series is an exploration of both the work and the artist as we think critically on the craft and the opportunities for other sustainable mediums.

Each session will build on four key components:

  1. Body – content (conceptualization and actualization)
  2. Light – timeline (how not to get in your own way)
  3. Surface – support (building a support system and resources)
  4. Shadow – reflection (emotional spectrum and feedback of the work)

Additionally, the course will cover curriculum and workshop building, screenwriting, transmedia art, and putting together a manuscript.

About the Instructor


Pages Matam (They/He) is an international artist, writer/screenwriter, event coordinator, and educator from Cameroon, Central Africa, who grew up in D.C., and currently lives in Los Angeles.

A pleasure activist (word to Adrienne Maree Brown) with work centered in Black Queer liberation, Pages is a recipient of the DC Commissions Arts and Humanities Fellowship, a Callaloo Fellow, and author of the award-winning full-length collection The Heart of a Comet (Write Bloody, 2014).

A polyglot National Poetry Slam champion and National Fair Housing Alliance Cultural Ambassador, Pages has over a decade of experience in youth programs, creative writing with a social justice lens, cultural competency workshops, and performance transmedia art. During their free time, Pages is a proud gummy bear elitist, anime fanatic, fried plantain connoisseur, and professional (social distance) hugger.