Ebo Barton: Where Are You From?

March 2021

Build a poetic map of your identity

Starts March 16, 2021

  • Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM PST
  • Mar 16, Mar 23, Mar 30, Apr 6

Over the next 4 weeks, participants will respond to the vaguely confusing and common question, “Where Are You From?” by watching poetry video clips and writing rough drafts inspired by lived experiences, conversation, writing prompts and in-group discussion.

In each 90 minute workshop, writers will explore their own histories to find stories of their origins.  In group discussions, writers find inspiration from authentic conversations. We will widen our perspectives of what it means to be from somewhere, something, or someone.  In writing prompts, we will put our thoughts on a page in order to find our poems.  In the last 90 minute workshop, with consent, writers will read one completed poem created during the 4 weeks.

Participants will develop a collection of rough drafts that builds a poetic map of their origins and identities, while exploring different perspectives and lenses that honor the complexities of identity, the intersections, and relationships.


Ebo Barton comes from salt— from the moment before worlds converge.

In this world, we are still trying to articulate that mixed Black and Filipino, Transgender, Non-Binary, Queer Artists and Educators not only matter, but are precious.

In another world, Barton is loved, safe, and valued. The only difference being that the latter is a path they must make themselves.

You may have seen Ebo’s work in Adrienne Issue 01 by Sibling Rivalry Press, Thriving While Trans: A Love Manual, Natasha Marin’s Black Imagination, The King County Metro, and online on Write About Now, Button Poetry and All Def Poetry channels. You can find their debut book, “Insubordinate,” in local Seattle bookstores or on sale on their website.

In 2016, they placed 5th in the World at Individual World Poetry Slam. In 2017, they co-wrote and co-produced the award-winning play, “Rising Up”. In 2018, they played “Invisible One” in Anastacia Renee’s “Queer. Mama. Crossroads,” and reprised the role in 2019.

A leader in arts and activism, Ebo Barton is committed to creating opportunities for others to organize, heal, and rejoice. From weekly open mics to curated shows like Alchemy Poetry with Ben Yisrael to educating across the country at various institutions, 2020 Jack Straw Writing Fellow Ebo Barton’s written, performative and community work demands societal reckoning.

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  • 4 Weeks