Buddy Wakefield’s You’re Doing it Right: An Online Writing Course in Stabbing People with a Pen

Nov 2020

You’re Doing It Right: An Online Course in Stabbing People with a Pen

Instructor: Buddy Wakefield


Nov. 10th, 17th, 24th, Dec. 1st, and 8th

6:45-8:15pm PST

You’re Doing It Right includes:

  • Weekly 90-minute live writing session and discourse lead by Buddy.
  • Q&A with Buddy to review each session.
  • An opportunity for writing and performance coaching and feedback.
  • A fifth session with a well-established special guest in the field.
  • Private discussion group for questions, sharing, and feedback during the week.
  • A post-course downloadable review of the information accrued throughout your month-long experience.

What you can expect:

  • Expect to walk away a more dangerous writer.
  • Expect to develop a keen awareness of what’s at hand, and what’s ahead, for you and your work.
  • Expect to write, to listen, to participate, and to not be brilliant.
  • Expect to shift gears quickly during each session.
  • Information and feedback may be presented in a straightforward manner so as to not confuse beaches with bombs.
  • Trigger warning: there will be no trigger warnings.

***Registration will stay open after the course begins for participants comfortable receiving the sessions recorded. Registration for future courses are posted as soon as dates become available.

***If you have to cancel after the course begins, you will not be refunded, but you will be given credit toward a future course.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Weeks