AGW Spotlight on Healthy King County Coalition

1% of the total revenue from Ben Ysirael: Poetry as Alchemy Summer 2021 will support Healthy King County County Coalition.

Founded in 2010, HKCC is a POC-led network of movement builders and organizers. Together, they lead the way toward health equity in King County. They are leaders and provide expertise and tools to eliminate health disparities while honoring the wisdom and power of those who have been subject to race, class, or identity discrimination.

Healthy King County Coalition provides leadership development for community members as well as project planning tools, policy creation, education, and advocacy for organizations serving community. They’re uniquely nimble and responsive to emerging opportunities, combining strong historical knowledge and cross-sector perspectives to achieve equitable policies and systems.

Find out more about Healthy King County Coalition and why Ben has chosen to spotlight this organization here:

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